1. Are diet foods really healthy?

Healthy and mindful eating are gradually becoming part of everyone’s lives across the globe. With the aim to stay healthy and fit, we often always turn to diet food to shut down our hunger pangs, assuming they are nutritious. But just because it seems healthy doesn’t mean it is!

Low-fat, low calories and fat-free food might sound healthier, but in reality, some of them are actually contributing to your weight gain. There are numerous diet foods available in the market which are actually harming you in many ways. Here is a list of seven foods that you think are healthy, but they are actually not.

  1. Smoothies and protein shakes

Fitness addicts are crazy for smoothies and protein shakes these days. They should be had between the meals to keep you fuller for a longer period of time. While some smoothies and protein shakes are very nutritious and healthy, there are some that are loaded with calories and sugar. Calorie content of some shakes/smoothies can go up to almost 400 calories, which is more than enough to jeopardize your healthy diet plan.

  1. Frozen yogurt

Yogurt is a healthy snack and helps to soothe the stomach. However, some yogurts do not contain live and active cultures, which are healthy bacteria and boost gut health. When the fat is removed from the yogurt to decrease the calories content, the food company automatically adds sugar to enhance its taste. A lot of low-fat yogurts are added with sugar, which sabotages your weight loss plan.

  1. Dried fruits

Dried fruits are packed with fiber, vitamins and other essential nutrients. However, dried fruits are sweeter than fresh fruits and can be easily overeaten. High in sugar and calories, dried fruits are less preferred as compared to fresh fruits.

  1. Packaged diet foods

Be it diet cookies, chips or any other food items, all of them are unhealthy and lead to weight gain. Diet foods contain preservatives, unhealthy fat and artificial sweeteners that are not good for your health.

  1. Diet soda

You may drink a bottle or two of diet soda thinking it is healthy, but it is actually not. Diet soda is linked to weight gain, not weight loss. It also increases blood sugar level and blood pressure and also affects gut bacteria.

  1. Sweeteners

You may be opting for healthy sweeteners in place of sugar for maintaining your health, but that is of no use. Even though you might consider them healthy, they can contribute to weight gain. To lose some weight, it is good to cut down sugar intake, including the healthy ones.

  1. Protein bars

A lot of people rely on protein bars for instant energy. It is not that all protein bars are unhealthy, but some are loaded with calories and artificial ingredients.