Na waaaa ooo, for taxi drivers like me on the road everyday. Kebab washed down with a cold bottle of beer after a tough day has been my usual small Heaven here on this Earth. But now with the two evils Ebola and Cholera threatening us in the region, that small enjoyment is now under severe arrest.

Country hot or cool ooo we drivers feel am direct direct. As we carry people come and go, fear of disease outbreak alone dey make people panic left and right.

The other day I was on the road listening to health talk on radio. The way the journalists and people being interviewed in the streets were struggling to pronounce “Ebola”& “Cholera”, my stomach was in knots! yebola, ebora, eiiibola, choerla, choerra. One time we hear the medical experts say Ebola is a viral disease, and that one can be infected through direct contact with body fluids of an infected person, like saliva, sweat, vomit, urine blood etc. Ok. But then we also hear bad information some commentators give on air, confusing people about the FACTS. This is a matter of life and death. Radio stations especially should NOT toy with our lives like that!!!


As for Cholera, we have been told that we must avoid filth because it is a bacterial infection transmitted through contaminated water and foods. What is known locally as “Nyame nua” or chop bar food, is what we taxi and Tro-tro drivers rely on everyday. But now trouble don paaie for us, because one cannot be sure whether the food was prepared under hygienic conditions or not.

Come to think of it we are at risk right from the moment we pick passengers to the time we drop them off. My hand dey shake phlayaa. Apart from keeping my own hands clean, and being careful where I buy food, all I can do is to pray when I pick passengers. When some passenger sweats a lot or sneezes without covering their mouth, I worry not only for myself but for other passengers too. As for the Cedi notes passing from person to person, hmmm. It is difficult to refuse to pick someone, otherwise we lose money, big time. So should I wear gloves, mask, and buy sanitizer, or what? That is our wahala

On a few occasions I have sent some cholera victims to the hospital. Such a pity to see fellow human beings suffer because of this disease. God have mercy on us.

Till next week when I bring you more stories from the road, stay safe, wash your hands often and wear a seat belt whether you be driver or passenger, front seat or back seat.

Wahala Man