Did you hear this nonsense? Someone please tell me it’s a lie. My unwavering support and die hard loyalty is just about to fade. I sincerely believed it was NPP case to lose. While some of us were glued to our TV for 8 solid months, and watched history unfold in our Supreme Court, hoping for a swift victory for Nana, little did we know that the lead Counsel, Philip Addison took only 24 hrs to prepare for his first appearance in court.

As I understand it, CI 75 basically indicates that “No Verification, No Vote”. My question is very simple: In the biggest case of my generation, the biggest in Ghana’s history, among all the learned lawyers in NPP, some so called learned man made the decision to select Philip to lead NPP into the ditch. Are you telling me Phillip was our best chance and he was unable to hammer into the heads of the judges that the EC law was not applied evenly across all the 10 regions? Let me sneak this statement in here. I have to forgive Phillip Addison because it has been rumored that, Sir John, probably the worst lawyer the nation and NPP has produced, was influential in picking Addison to lead among such great lawyers as Egbert Faibille Jnr, Mr Alex Quainoo, and others.
It was all smiles when we saw Mr Egbert Faibille and Mr Alex Quainoo, two of the NPP lawyers with truck load of about 400,000 documents as evidence to the office of the Supreme Court Registrar on Sunday April 7th 2013. Do you remember?

Rumor has is that Sir John had too much faith in Addison that, at one point, he was on his knees begging Addison to escort him to beg for mercy at the hands of the Justices. This was quite a story. I am so glad Sir John has been booted out of his position.
Egbert Faibille Jnr, a top Legal Practitioner’s statement criticizing Mahama’s sense of reasoning for the appointing of Anita De-Soso as Deputy National Coordinator of NADMO could be directly applied to NPP’s sense of reasoning for appointing this man known as Phillip.

Do you remember the former Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Ayikoi Otoo? Do you? Ayikoi, my main man refused to concede having lost his constituency in the Greater Accra region. Nana, by going to court also refused to concede. He could have shamelessly refused to concede after the verdict but eventually, he put the country first by bowing out.

I recall reading or hearing that, The “powerful” Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that, the declaration of Mahama as the winner of the 2012 Presidential represented the will of the minority. I was happy, well temporary excited, until I woke up from my slumber to find out that the AFAG statement was just an opinion based on “flatu”, not facts.

Do you remember this facebook post by Nana?
“Thank you all for your messages of encouragement. I am truly overwhelmed by the love from the people of Ghana and their belief in our democratic values and institutions. As our lawyers prepare to go to court with the overwhelming evidence of systematic electoral fraud our team has discovered around the country, I urge you all to be calm and patient. I suggest that as we patiently wait for our lawyers to file the petition, we should pray that the good Lord will continue to let peace reign in Ghana and that he will give the justices of the Supreme Court, the wisdom and courage to continue to protect our country’s democratic values.”

I was moved by “…As our lawyers prepare to go to court”..Now I know what preparations were made. I am mad as well. Among the six main categories, i.e., over-voting, voting without biometric verification, multiple pink sheets with the same serial numbers, pink sheets without the signatures of the presiding officer or their deputies, same polling station codes for different pink sheets and unknown polling stations, NPP could have just gone with one item and hammer that in, over and over again, voting without biometric verification!!!!!!