The Commission probing the Ayawaso by-election violence has ruled against a request by lawyer for witnesses Delali Brempong and MP Sam George to cross examine some earlier witnesses who made claims regarding them at the commission.

The Chairman of the Commission Justice Emile Short in his ruling said allowing such an application to stand will disrupt the proceedings of the commission.

“The Commission declines the request by Counsel of Mr. Delali Brempong and Sam George to cross examine witnesses who have offered testimonies,” Justice Short said.

The ruling further noted: “The work of commission is not to decide what the balance of right and liabilities are between two parties…  allowing the request will fundamentally disrupt the proceedings of the commission. The commission has for good reason adopted the inquisitorial approach in its way”.

Responding to the ruling, lawyer for the two witnesses Dominic Ayine expressed gratitude to the Commission and stressed that he is happy to note that the outcome of the commission’s work will not have direct consequences on the political future of his clients.