Nigerian Instagram Blogger, who was arrested by a billionaire based in China for claiming a house which doesn’t belong to her has reacted after her arrest.

Blessing Okoro after her arrest shared a video on her Instagram page explaining that she is very fine and that there is no cause for alarm.

“I am very ok, it going to die down naturally it’s just normal stuff. I didn’t want to continue the whole pressure, its fine and I am very perfect. Nothing is wrong with me. Thank you very much for your love and I am very much ok”, she stated.

Recently, the Nigerian Instagram blogger was arrested after she claimed a 7 bedroom mansion belonged to her.

According to Blessing, she started building the mansion 8 years ago after she was sacked by her husband from their home.

Apparently, Instagram Blogger lied about the house as it has been revealed that the mansion belonged to Igbo billionaire who lives in China.