The Chief Priest of the Ga State, Numo Akwaa Mensah III, has appealed to the people to ensure a peaceful observance of the annual sacred silence rites preceding the celebration of the Homowo festival.

Numo Mensah, who is also the Nai Wulomo, was speaking at a press briefing and called on all stakeholders and opinion leaders to advice the few recalcitrant people not to interfere in any way with the performance of the rites.

He said the Sakumo Wulomo, Numo Ogbaamey III and himself, custodians of the performance of the rites on Ga Paramount Stool occupants, have vowed not to perform such rites on anyone not presented to them by Nii Yaote Oto Ga II, Ga State Dzaasetse.

“We are the people they consult and we determine the celebration of the Homowo festival and not chiefs,” adding that: “We are the Wulomei who initiate rites for the commencement of the Homowo festival.”

Numo Mensah said despite the efforts by Government, over the years, to eliminate misunderstanding in chieftaincy in the area; some people have started beating the war drums.

He expressed the hope that the communal interaction by the Committee of Eminent Persons, headed by Dr K.B. Asante, had removed the acrimony, bitterness and squabbles among the people of the Ga State to pave way for development.

In November 6, 2006, the Ga Dangme Council set up a Committee of Eminent Persons, made up of Dr K.B. Asante, Chairman of the Committee, Rev Prof S.A. Ayettey, Late Peter Ala Adjetey, Archbishop Robert Okine, Archbishop Palmer Buckle, Bishop Francis Thompson, Mrs Aanaa Ennin, Prof Ablade Glover, G.D.A. Laryea, J.E. Allotey Papoe and Bright Akwetey, member Secretary, to assist in resolving all difference in the Ga Royal Stool.

“Weighing the totality of evidence adduced and documentary proof available, the Committee came to the conclusion that Nii Yaotey Oto Ga is the rightful Dzaase of the Ga Paramount Stool,” he concluded.

Ghana News Agency