The leader of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) COVID-19 technical team, Mr. Prosper Bani has opined that political leaders across the globe cannot be left out in the blame with regards to escalating of pandemics over the years.

According to the former Chief of Staff to former President Mahama, in an epistle stated that political leaders have failed to learn from previous pandemics by abandoning investments in global, regional and national preventive and response measures.

”Indeed, global leadership has failed us from one crisis to another as political leaders refuse to learn from lessons of previous pandemics, and abandoned the investments in global regional and national preventive and response measures. President Obama, after the Ebola crisis clearly stated that we “should put in place an infrastructure ……that allows as to see it quickly, isolate it quickly and respond to it quickly” so that we can have our hands on any virus such as the coronavirus early enough before it becomes a pandemic. The emphasis here is on prevention rather than recovery. ” He wrote.

He therefore advised that all countries should re-strategize their priorities by investing in disaster prevention including prevention of pandemics.

”It is therefore imperative that all countries should begin to reengineer and rethink their development investment priorities and provide adequately for disaster prevention including the prevention of pandemics. The number of people dying daily across the globe as the result of the COVID-19 is sobering, and the search for a vaccine seems to be between one or two years away. If we are lucky it would come earlier than expected. We have failed as a community because we did not take the opportunity of previous pandemics to invest in prevention infrastructure to reduce the impact on the coronavirus pandemic.” He added.


Ghana’s number of COVD-19 recoveries has shot up to 1,460.

Meanwhile, some 108 more people have tested positive for the virus.

This brings to 5,638 the total number of people who have tested positive for the virus in the country.

Four more persons who tested positive for the virus have also died, bringing to 28 the total number of coronavirus related deaths in the country.