Happy Anniversary Ghana!!!!!
Ghana, one of Africa’s most stable democracies, – Today, Ghana celebrates one  year anniversary on one of the reasons why its been deemed as one of Africa’s most stable democracies. After a court battle, broadcasted for the first time by the court on radio and television, the Supreme Court declared President John Dramani Mahama “validly elected”. 
On September 4th 2013, Ghana Supreme court dismissed all claims of voter frauds and irregularities in the December 2012 elections. 
The Electoral Commission had declared Mahama the winner with a 50.7% of votes against NPP’s Nana Akufo-Addo’s 47.74%. Allegations followed of voting irregularities at some polling stations. Akuffo-Addo and a couple of officials from NPP sued and the case went to court. There was a lot of tension building up in the country in the days that followed. 
According to CNN, the famously easy-going Ghanaians were on edge awaiting court decisions. 
After 48 days, the Supreme Court dismissed all claims of irregularities and fraud.
Akufo-Addo graciously accepted the ruling and in a statement urged Ghanaians to work together and ease tensions. 
This was a rather proud moment as a Ghanaian. I was in Ghana on a short visit and witnessed the calm that prevailed the country on the day of ruling. It was the only day that I experienced no traffic in Accra. The streets were quiet and armed with soldiers with their guns in plain sight ready for any “unrest”.
People from the winning party felt vindicated but most importantly, members of NPP agreed that the ruling was fair. According to Nana Boahene, a member of NPP, the ruling was fair. He said “NPP Failed to be vigilant at the polling stations.” Andrew Obeng, another member of the NPP believes “NPP had a genuine case except that the incumbent government used state machinery to influence judgment in it’s favour.” These two views mirror the sentiments of NPP supporters in the nation. Would you agree?
The world noticed the exemplary practice of democracy.  Happy anniversary GH! Lets continue to keep the peace and let your votes count at the next presidential elections.