A 60-year-old hunter has been shot and killed by his friend after he was mistaken for an animal.

The two were said to be hunting for animals on Monday May 14, 2019.

Yaro was mistakenly shot from afar by his friend, identified as Kwame Agyei.

Suspect Agyei is also said to be a hunter and was reportedly about 400 meters away.

He is said to have raced to take his ‘killed’ animal home.

But to his surprise, he rather found Yaro lying in a pool of blood in the thick bush.

The disheartening incident reportedly happened in the Amansie Central District.

Agyei personally informed the police, who marched him to the Numereso forest.

Police reportedly found Yaro’s body, a torch light and other items at the crime scene.

Police had deposited the body at the morgue.

Agyei is currently in police custody assisting in investigation.