Ghana television presenter, Efia Odo, has revealed that she rejected an amount of $10,000, for a one-night stand offer.

According to Efia Odo, she continues to reject such juicy offers daily to prove to the world that she is not a prostitute, what is locally referred to as ‘hoe’.

She added that she worked on her own to earn her money and does not depend on a man to do so.

This happens to be the first time Efia Odo was speaking after wild allegations leveled against her recently.

She wrote: “A hoe wouldn’t wake up everyday and go to work. A hoe wouldn’t refuse $10k cash for a one night stand. Y’all love to call me a hoe cuz I look good and ain’t afraid to show some skin if I was a hoe, I would be a top dollar hoe cuz the offers I refuse on a daily #igotreceipts

In another tweet, Efia Odo said she enjoyed taking uber to everywhere she went because she could not afford to own a car.

She added that she was not competing against anyone, and though it was a bit difficult, she was happy that she got everything she owns now on her own.

Her revelations comes after many accusations leveled against her in recent times by actress Moesha Boduong who claimed Efia sleeps with popular musicians and footballers to make money