A former Member of Parliament and Minister of state Professor Kojo Yankah, has stated that, the bells are ringing for a United States of Africa, with the African Diaspora recognized by the African Union as the sixth region, is possible and the time is now.

He said hopes are very high that, the Pan Africanist vision that one day the dreams of Pan African ancestors like Markus Garvey, WUB Du Bois, Sylvester Williams, George Padmore, Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta and many other would be realized.

“I wrote this book to, one, share knowledge that has been hidden from us about ourselves. Two, to provoke the youth of Africa to sharpen their understanding of the vision of our ancestors and visionary leaders. To enable readers to affirm that all people of African decent have a common heritage. And to also give confidence to people of African decent that they have a proud civilization and the necessary human and natural resources to rise up and build a powerful United States of Africa to bridge the gape that exists between Africans on the continent and those in the diaspora. “

Professor Yankah who was speaking at the official launch of the Book FROM JAMESTOWN TO JAMESTOWN “LETTER TO AN AFRICAN CHILD at Jamestown Mantse’s Palace in Accra underscore the important of Africa and need to push for a United States of Africa.

The 220-page book highlights extensively the history of Jamestown Accra, Ghana, and Jamestown Virginia, USA.

Prof Yankah also indicated that, he selected Jamestown Ghana to represent all the slave trading posts in all of Africa, from Angola to Senegal and across to East Africa because the method of capture were the same, horrible and nightmare.

The Mayor of Accra, Mohammed Nii Adjei Sowa who was the guest at the launch, disclose that the Assembly is working to make Accra one of the tourist sites in Ghana, and there are ongoing works in some areas including the James fort prison to make it attractive to tourists.

The former Chief of Staff and immediate pass Interior Minister Hon Douglas Prosper Bani, was the first to buy a copy of the book, described the book as true reflection of Jamestown Accra Ghana and Jamestown Virginia, haven’t lived in both cities and worked for the United Nations for so many years across the Africa and other parts of the globe.

The book was also purchased by members of the diaspora as well as other dignitaries from Government agencies and the Ga traditional Council.

A flag of Jamestown Virginia USA was presented to Jamestown Accra Ghana

By: Osman