Monkey dey work Baboon dey chop

This is a true story about what ensued between two friends, Kwasi and Kofi. Kwasi is an average man with a family to take care of. He was finding it difficult to make ends meet. He then, taught carefully and decided to drive a taxi cab.

The decision to drive a taxi cab, took Kwasi to an old friend, Kofi, as mentioned above. Kofi is an auto mechanic who was not getting enough income as an auto mechanic, so he decided to get a second job to make an extra income.

Kofi approached a church member of his church – who for the purposes of this story – we shall call Aunty Bee. Aunty Bee has a couple of cars she was giving out on work-and-pay bases. Kofi arranged for one of the cars from Aunty Bee. His was handed down to him from a previous driver who could not pay the installments that comes with work-and-pay arrangements.

Kofi was preparing to give the car to someone to drive when Kwasi appeared on the scene. What happened at that moment belongs to history but eventually, Kofi gave the car to Kwasi for old times sake. It was agreed that Kwasi will make daily sales of 35.00 Ghana cedis or 200.00 Ghana cedis per week to Kofi and he(Kofi) will render account to Aunty Bee. Things worked out well, till one day Kwasi was unable to come up with the sales as agreed.

Kofi threatened and actually took the car from Kwasi for defaulting in payment of sales for two weeks. Kwasi pleaded with Kofi to give him(Kwasi) sometime to make up for the two weeks sales but Kofi will not listen to any of Kwasi’s plea – saying Aunty Bee has asked for the return of the taxi cab immediately. Sensing trouble, Kwasi quickly consulted two people who were related, kind of, to Aunty Bee to help plead. Kwasi’s plea was, he(Kwasi) was the cause of Kofi’s inability to make payment for two weeks. Kwasi pleaded for a second chance to make up for the two weeks sales.

Aunty Bee revealed that, Kofi was owing more than four weeks sales and not two weeks as Kwasi stated. She continued to say that the weekly sales installment has not been punctual. Each time she called Kofi on phone he doesn’t answer. He will sometimes promise to come and make payment but he will never show up. Aunty Bee said she was fed up with Kofi’s attitude and was contemplating on taking the car from him(Kofi) but have not taken it yet.

Well, at the end of the day, the car was given back to Kwasi to make up for all the outstanding arrears and thereafter, if he(Kwasi) wants to be able to fend for his family. Since Kwasi didn’t have any choice, he chose to drive “Kofi’s” taxi cab.

Folks, the character – Kofi, is what we describe as “Monkey dey work Baboon dey chop”, indeed, in the story, Kwasi happens to be the monkey and Kofi happens to be the baboon. Kwasi continued to toil while Kofi enjoyed. The term work – and – pay means eventually Kofi will own the car and not Kwasi because it was Kofi who went into agreement with Aunty Bee.

Well, Kwasi continued to drive this taxi cab. One day a passenger(Nana K) Kwasi had picked before, came to the rescue of Kwasi. Nana K offered Kwasi a brand new car on work-and-pay bases. Kwasi quickly gave Kofi’s car back to him.

One year on, it is sad to say that Kofi’s car was taken from him due to non payment of sales installment. Kwasi is still driving his brand new taxi cab. As tougth as times are Kwasi is determined to finish payment on the car in twelve months when he(Kwasi) gets to own the car.

Well, folks, the irony of this story is that, Kwasi as mentioned in the story happens to be me your wahala man.

Till next week when I bring you more stories from the road, stay safe, be careful what agreement you go into and wear a seat belt whether you be driver or passenger, front seat or back seat.

Wahala man.