The opening one-eighth stage contest of the 2019 edition of the National Science and Maths Quiz is underway at the R.S. Amegashie auditorium of the University of Ghana.

It is the contest featuring Pope John Senior High School, Koforidua Secondary and Technical School and Notre Dame SHS.

The third round has just ended and it indeed proves that none of the three schools came to play.

KSTS was leading in the first round but they are currently trailing behind Notre Dame and city rival Pope John.

At the end of Round 2, Pope John and Notre Dame both scored 16points with KSTS struggling with 14points although they took an early lead in Round 1

Round 3 with Problem of the Day is next.

The Round that gives many schools problems, Round 3 (Problem of the Day) has ended and it has seen all three schools score zero out of ten marks.

This implies that the Round 2 score goes unchanged.

Pope John still leads alongside Notre Dame with 16points. KSTS is trailing with 14points.

Next is Round 4 with True/False.

Pope John has established a relatively strong lead over city rivals KSTS but they are being pursued by Notre Dame SHS.

KSTS is trailing with 15points. Notre Dame SHS has 23points and Pope John has 26 points

We have just one more round and anything can happen.

Anything could have happened but nothing happened.

Out of four riddles, they managed to answer 3 correctly.

They ditch off city rivals KSTS.

KSTS becomes the first 2018 seeded school to be eliminated.

Pope John has avenged the defeat they suffered in the hand of KSTS last year.

They have advanced to the quarterfinal and KSTS will have to go through the misery of qualifying through the Regionals.