Poverty is a signal of the failure to acquire suitable resources for the achievement of one’s

ends. Since life in this world is always marked by the limitation of resources relative to the ends

we desire to achieve, poverty is relative.

The poor person is simply unable to sustain his oAr her own life. There are many reasons for this

failure, and each individual case of poverty must be dealt with according to that reason.

If we wish to help the poor, what should be our ultimate goal? Is it merely to provide the

needed resources so that the impoverished person can achieve his or her personal ends?

To answer the above rhetorical question, gave birth to a life changing organization known as

NON DENOMINATIONAL YOUTH EMPOWERMENT (NDYE) with an ambition to touch lives and

make difference in communities across the globe.


Formed in 2018, Non Denominational Youth Empowerment is a Ghanaian based non-profit

Christian organization with the sole aim of reaching out to the society through Kingdom Service,

Humanitarian services, and to win lost souls across the country especially the youth whiles

imparting new skills unto them.

Giving hope to the hopeless, and create better environment which is conducive for the youth to

rise and shine in a Godly manner.

It has a membership of over 120 exuberant youth across the globe.


Since its establishment little over a year ago, NDYE, has chocked several achievements


1. Organizing Free Health Screening at Odorkor,

2. Embarking on a mega crusade in the township of Jumapo situated in the Eastern Region

which included a Free Health Screening and a visit to the Koforidua Prison to make a donation,

3. NDYE is currently taking care of a 3year old boy with a heart failure.



Transforming the life humanity by making the generation a christlike disciples through

educating, evangelism, and providing humanitarian services.


Improving and transforming people’s lives today, tomorrow and forever.

Our Community

Our operation will positively affect the following whiles putting smile on their faces and giving

them hope for a better future:

• All children

• Health departments

• Individuals

• Private sector

• Local leaders

• Religious, local organizations and schools

• Government and international etc.