Former President Jerry John Rawlings has denied masterminding the 1982 killing of the three high court judges and a retired military officer, saying: “If I were blood thirsty as these people are claiming, on the 15th of May 79, I could have ignited the thing and left it. ’79 when people were calling for blood, I could have just let go and let people do the killings.

“How do I come back in the 80s when things have cooled down and say I want to kill judges? It was a terrible thing some of our people did. How do you choose how to knock me down without going too low? I have enough true stories about these characters,” he said at an event in the Ashanti regional capital Kumasi.

On Saturday, 13 October 2018, veteran journalist Abdul-Malik Kweku Baako said he was befuddled by former president Rawlings’ “noisy” attack on Multimedia’s ‘Who Killed The Judges?’ documentary, which was aired recently, when, in the New Crusading Guide Editor-in-Chief’s opinion, the Special Investigation Board (SIB) that probed the 1982 murder of the three high court judges and the retired army officer under Chairman Rawlings’ Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) regime, directly implicated the former military leader in its report but he, for decades, “let it go”.

Mr Rawlings, on Tuesday, 9 October 2018, said history had been “re-hashed” and “re-cooked” by The Multimedia Group, through the documentary, to make him and other innocent people look guilty as far as the murder of three court judges and the army major is concerned.

In his view, the perpetrators of that crime some 36 years ago, were justly punished unlike the murderers of Dagbon Overlord Ya Na Yakubu Andani, who, according to him, are still walking free.