SOLAR: Is it the solution to street lighting?

SOLAR OOOOH SOLAR – For how long did concerned citizens of Ghana suggested the use of solar panel systems for our street lights and traffic lights.  It’s being like forever huh. The picture you see above was taken at East Legon on the newly constructed American House road that leads to Madina and Adenta.

The well laid out street light with the solar panel system caught my admiration. From a lay man’s point of view, I think this will go a long way to conserve hydro power.  I dey ask say why make this sun and heat go waste if we can put it to good use, especially around this time that Akosombo hydro plant and the Nigeria gas keeps failing us.  Hmmmmm, if the “there” were to be there I would suggest that we all go for this solar panel system including myself, but ” aboa sika” where I go get that kind of money from to buy some for my ghetto.

Aaaaaaaaah!  My paddies talking about money I just realised you have exhausted your fare. Till another week when I bring you more stories from the road, this is your Wahala man and like I always say stay safe,  and don’t forget to wear a seat belt whether you be the driver or passenger, front seat or back seat.