My people, selling on the streets of Ghana, especially in the capital cities such as Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi etc is becoming a common thing. Each time I drive pass these hawkers, my heart skips a beat for them, but they don’t seem to be worried. On one occasion a hawker had to run about a mile or so to sell a sachet of water worth Ghc 0.20.

My question was, why would people risk their precious lifes in such a reckless manner – to my surprise I got an answer to that question “it is on the streets we make enough sales to pay bills and fend for our families”, they (the hawkers) said.

My question again was, is it okay for people to sell on major highways? Which institution has the mandate to ensure that sanity prevail on our major highways. Having said that, as individuals we should endeavour to do what is right, if we want this country (Ghana) to become like the greener pastures most of us aspair to go to.

My paddies I just realised you have exhausted your fare. Till another week when I bring you more stories from the road, this is your Wahala man and like I always say stay safe,  and don’t forget to wear a seat belt whether you be the driver or passenger, front seat or back seat.