Toshiba, one of the world’s leading technology companies, is worried about the influx of fake products on the markets in recent times.

In a bid to clamp down on the act and assure customers value for money, Toshiba and its distribution partner Mitsumi have initiated the “Go Africa” strategy focusing on in-country operations to reverse the trend.

The General Manager-MEA Digital Products and Solutions at Toshiba, Santosh Varghese, told journalists at a press conference in Accra on Tuesday that it is the company’s responsibility to ensure that the development ends.

According to Mr. Varghese, this will be done through Toshiba Channel Connect Event in Accra as part of the “Go Africa’’ Strategy.

As part of the company’s “Go Africa” channel strategy, the focus will be on in-country operations to develop respective markets. The General Manager also hinted of conducting regular “product roadshows, sales and technical skills training for our business partners’ staff, focus on channel development and channel health and most important introducing the latest product and technology in line with the global launch.”

The TGFZ and Mitsumi roadshows, which have been conducted in various countries of African markets will kick off in Accra soon.

Mr. Varghese, along with delegates from Toshiba Memory Corporation, Mr. Mitsunori Kikuchi and Mr. Hiroaki Tanaka will be present in the market to announce the Toshiba Storage Strategy. Toshiba is targeting approximately 75+ local and channel partners for this event.

Toshiba, a 142-year-old company with the DNA of innovation has its Hard Disk Drive business since 1967. Considering the economic and political stability within Africa region, TGFZ has a “Go Africa” strategy. Approximately 38 African countries from East, West, North & South are managed directly by the TGFZ team.

Unlike other brands who handle Africa through a remote operation, Toshiba’s “Go Africa” strategy is to have an in-country reach.

“As a technology company we foresee the 950M populated African continent, with the high number of smart gadget users along with the 3G/4G and internet penetration will help the Toshiba storage business to grow in multifold in the coming years,” said Santosh Varghese-General Manager Digital Products & Services, MEA region.

At the “Toshiba Channel Connect Event launch in Accra, Toshiba also announced intentions to donate $20K towards promoting Children’s Education in Africa as part of their CSR project in four African countries.