Security personnel at the Pentagon Hostel at the University of Ghana have apprehended an armed man suspected to be a thief.

The incident occurred within the late hours of 12am and 1am of Sunday.

The suspected thief according to the security claimed he was a bus conductor, who had closed from work and was passing through the hostel.

The security man on duty at the time was however alarmed after a search revealed that the man was armed with a pistol, two knives and had in his possession some dry leaves suspected to be Indian hemp.

“Between the late hours of 12am and 1am, I was patrolling and I saw the guy moving about. I became suspicious of him and then approach him but he could not answer the questions I posed at him. I invited my other colleagues and upon a search, we found guns, knives and other weapons” the security man noted.

Meanwhile, a resident of the hall, who claimed to have witnessed the arrest of the armed man said the suspected thief suffered mob injustice before he was finally whisked away by the University of Ghana security personnel for further questioning.

Speaking to Accra based Radio Universe the security man explained that “At about 12midnight, I started hearing voices. I peeped through my window and I saw the security men beating the thief and they emptied his bag which contained knives and a gun. The security men called other their fellow security men on campus and they took him away.”