The Volta River Authority (VRA) is relieving a number of its staff, after engaging them on a contractual employment for a period of time.

The workers, who are said to be in their hundreds, have had their contract appointment terminated by the Authority per an internal circular issued to all staff announcing the rather undesirable decision.

It is unclear, why the decision not to further engage the workers, but the circular, dated July 4, 2019 signed by the Authority’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Emmanuel Antwi-Darkwa said, the contract expired last month June 30, 2019.

Part of the circular read “It is announced for the information of all staff that the appointments of most contract staff in the Authority expired on June 30, 2019 and these contracts will not be extended”.

According to the Herald newspaper, the authorities, had earlier hired them and extended the said contract a number of times, but after it expiration in June, they have decided to terminate the contract, leaving them without jobs.

The circular revealed that, in December last year, an executive approval was granted for the final extension of the contract from January to June, this year, and it appears this time, no additional extension would be granted.