Can one tell the exact location of the picture above?  You would marvel when I tell you, hmmmm, initially I thought and assumed it was the handy work of a lunatic.  But hey, folks my thoughts changed when I passed by the next day and all none of these clothes were no where to be found.

Oooh this attitude ours, doing the wrong things glaringly with no regards for the law has to be checked.  Aaaabaa!  If even this was done by a lunatic who is responsible for them or to correct the lapses and blunder they commit.  Some countries have strict rules and regulations concerning their cities and towns, which our fellow citizens oblige strictly when they visit. So why not our homeland Ghana.

My paddies I tell you this is the Asomdwe Park where our late President John Evans  Atta Mills rests.

Till next week when I bring you more stories from the road, stay safe,  and don’t forget to wear a seat belt whether you be the driver or passenger, front seat or back seat.