Ghanaians must recognise the need to protect water bodies in the country, because the rate at which they are being destroyed is worrying, Director of the Water Research Institute (WRI) of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Dr Ansah Asare, has said.

He was of the view that the awareness needed to be created for people to put an end to activities that impact negatively on the country’s water resources.

“In fact, the way we live leaves much to be desired; the way we pollute our waters is bad,” he said.

Water pollution

22nd March 2017 is being observed as World Water Day on the theme “Why Waste Water?”

Meanwhile, Deputy Ranking Member of Parliament’s Works and Housing Committee, Rudolf Nsorwinne Amenga-Etego, is calling on government to pass laws to protect the rights of citizens to potable water and good sanitation.

In addition to the request, Mr Amenga-Etego is appealing for legislation that will protect water bodies across the country that have been at the mercy of several unhealthy practices such as ‘galamsey’.

“I would like to also call on parliament to urgently request the Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation through the Water Resources Commission to enforce the laws that protect our water bodies from hazardous waste, pollution, and call on government and all citizens to conserve and recycle water for use,” he said in a statement to mark World Water Day.