Mr Issifu Alidu Laa-Bandow, Zabzugu District Chief Executive (DCE) in the Northern Region, has asked Ghanaians to use the 58th Independence anniversary to reflect on what they could do to facilitate national development.

“We must recognise that the independence of Ghana was not obtained on a silver platter and that our forefathers had to make a lot of sacrifices in order to obtain this freedom and sovereignty we now enjoy. We owe all of our leaders who were at the forefront of the struggle for Ghana’s independence a depth of gratitude,” he said.

Mr Laa-Bandow who was addressing a parade of school children and the security services to mark the day on the theme: “Transformation through national unity,” called on the citizenry to reflect on the role played by Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah and all the freedom fighters during the liberation struggle.

“Indeed the sacrifice made by these people was not for the achievement of their personal and individual objectives but for the collective interest of the people of Ghana at the time and more especially for the interest of the future of this country.

“Today offers another opportunity for us, not only to recognise what the founding fathers of this nation have done, but also to reflect on our own lives, conduct, level of commitment, loyalty and patriotism towards the development and progress of our District and Country.

“The founding fathers of this country have fully paid their dues by obtaining for us an independent sovereign state. Their success was as a result of the commitment and the unity with which they carried out their activities. For me, the critical and necessary questions to ask ourselves are; what can we also boast of as our contribution to the development of our country?”

The DCE said Ghanaians should ask how committed and united they are to national development.

He said people should move away from complaining about everything in the country and criticising whatever happens in the society without offering alternative solutions.

He noted that national development could only come from Ghanaians and “in our desire to build a better and prosperous Ghana, the critical ingredients of discipline, hard work, loyalty and love for country and above unity of purpose are essential”.

He suggested the need for Ghanaians to harmonise their individual strengths into a formidable force strong enough to turn “our situation as a developing to a self-sufficient and self-sustaining country”.

“This generation will soon fade away but the sustainability of our nation will depend on these children standing before us today. The kind of training we give to them through our own way of life will determine whether they can take care of this country or not after we are no more.”

Mr Laa-Bandow said as the nation commemorates the achievements of the founding fathers, Ghanaians should remind themselves of the need to live in partnership, unity and peace.

He said the purpose of independence was not only to achieve political freedom, but freedom of all kinds including economic, and social emancipation.

Ghana News Agency